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A present for your present and your future. While support an amazing cause

Try making it from 8:20 - 13:40 in this video without appreciating the loved ones you have so much more.

Social Mission:

Empowering and opening doors for young women from marginalized communities. 


Capturing the Wisdom, Experiences and Memories of your loved ones. 


A whole-family gift in the present, for the future

Why Weddings? 

Without a deadline nothing ever would get done. Weddings are a glorious celebration of love and family. We believe this is the perfect time to record your loved ones in order to document their love, hopes and dreams, and the love for your/their family.  Plus, many of our elders do not like the idea of being recorded, but.... they will do anything for the Bride!

Why Mamabird? 

We empower and open doors for amazing Black, Latina and Indigenous women from marginalized communities. Our women are skilled conversationalists (just Amazing in so many ways to be honest). The skills they learn by doing this work and the money they earn by doing this work has been life changing. 


1. Long before the wedding, we first record our Interview with the engaged couple on Zoom as a gift for the Parents and Grandparents.


2. After watching the couples recording, we then do a Zoom Interview of the Parents and Grandparents as a gift to the couple. 

Done long before the wedding day, this does not add any to the chaos. It will however be a wonderful experience to do, and the recordings will become invaluable gifts to the whole family. You will look back on these interviews as one of the best investments you can make for your Wedding.

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  • Joys of your childhood

  • Lessons learned from your parents/grandparents

  • Love for parents/grandparents

  • Love Story/Hopes and Dreams

  • Shared with Parents and Grandparents

Mamabird Interviews, Nancy and Chris.png


  • Life Lessons

  • Family Traditions

  • Love/Pride for your children

  • Hope and Dreams for the couple

  • Wisdom and advice

  • Shared with the couple and with grandparents

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 11.55.29 AM.png


  • Life Lessons

  • Family Traditions

  • Love/Pride for your children

  • Hope and Dreams for the couple

  • Wisdom and advice

  • Shared with children and grandchildren

Senior Citizen


Imagine, if you had a catalog of recordings from beloved family members leading up to their weddings. Imagine if you had recordings with all your beloved elders who are no longer with us.

What value would you put on that?

All while empowering and opening doors for amazing young people through experience, and money.

What value would you put on that?  

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Various Deliverables Available 
*Guided Conversations
*Personal Photos & Videos 
*A one of a kind rehearsal dinner edited video with photos, videos and music

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

So excited to announce our documentary "The Mamabird Project" has been submitted to major film festivals like Sundance, South by Southwest, Tribeca, Boulder and Denver.

Watch our Trailer Here

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