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Social Mission:

Empowering and opening doors for young women from marginalized communities. 


Capturing the Wisdom, Experiences and Memories of your loved ones. 

So excited to announce our documentary "The Mamabird Project" has been submitted to major film festivals like Sundance, South by Southwest, Tribeca, Boulder and Denver.

Graduation Day
Relationship Goals
Women Laughing on Beach

Elders Wisdom Interview

Teen Interview


Investment: $100

100% goes to the women

(*minus credit card fees (which teaches our women about credit cards and fees)


Our product is a 1 hour, recorded, guided conversation with you or a loved one. Lightly edited (pauses, repeats, ums) so you will look and sound your best. 

*Elders Wisdom   *Engagement   *Anniversary   *Retirement

*Graduation   *Before Basic Training   *Expecting Parent

*Expecting Grandparent   *Major Life Events  *Milestone Birthdays

*Milestone Anniversaries   *Sports Championships 


1. To empower and open doors for Black, Latina and Indigenous women from marginalized communities

2. To document the memories, thoughts, emotions, feelings, hopes, dreams of your loved ones to share with family and your future self


Zoom makes it easy, you are in the comfort of your own home, our Memory Catchers are in the comfort of their own homes. It is a beautiful intersectional conversation.


ASAP. We are ready to empower more AMAZING young women. You are wanting to document your grandmothers wisdom, your thoughts, hopes/dreams before getting married, your Childs mindset before graduation. Let's move forward on this win/win/win opportunity.


Economically empowering and opening doors for young Black, Latina and Indigenous women



"By purchasing a Mamabird Interview  you are supporting a group of individuals including myself who are powerful and wise beyond OUR years."

"By investing in Mamabird you say YES to Women of Color taking the lead and accepting that their vision is one that will benefit all. It also means that you believe in the individual talents that each one of us holds."


We are offering a truly beautiful experience of genuine human connection. An intersectional conversation with an amazing young person. We will put your loved one at ease. Our Memory Catchers are incredibly skilled at their jobs, and on top of that the experience is invaluable for various life and professional skills for our women. Our work is a win/win/win on so many different levels. The women who benefit from our programs are truly remarkable, and a world where they are empowered and have the means to live their dreams is the one we want to live in.


Areyana is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she double majors in journalism and critical media practices with a minor in leadership studies. She has just received the prestigious Newman Civic Fellowship


Founding Member / Memory Catcher 

Janine-Bio Pic (1).jpg

Janine is currently a stay at home mother of two and a military spouse. Janine holds space for amazing, extraordinary, everyday people of all backgrounds to share their stories and teachings. Losing her father while in her teens has made her see the importance of documenting the wisdom of our elders.


Founding Member / Memory Catcher


Yusura was the Valedictorian of her high school class and just Graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado Denver (at age 20!). Yusura’s openness to learn of others cultures and stories creates a comfortable environment for others to speak their truth.


Founding Member / Memory Catcher


Karla is a mother of 3. She is currently going back to college in order to become a registered oncology nurse. She grew up very fast having her first child in her early teens. Karla has a passion for stories and is an amazing mentor to our younger community members. Karla is also bilingual and conducts interviews in Spanish as well as English.


Memory Catcher


Allie is in college studying graphic design. She is passionate about people and wants to see everyone especially families from lower socioeconomic areas thrive. She is a skilled conversationalist who's goal is to put her clients at ease. She also runs Mamabird's Social Media. In her spare time she loves photographing family and friends.


Social Media / Memory Catcher


A graduating senior at the University of Colorado Denver majoring in political science and international studies with a focus on Latin America. Astrid always seeks ways to support her community. She hopes to be a wise adult who can provide advice not only as an academic and professional but also as a person who has experienced many ups and downs.  Her life goal is to make life easier for those who come after her.


Marketing / Memory Catcher

Daniela Photo Grad_edited.jpg

Daniela currently attends Western Colorado University and is a first year student with Junior credits. She is Majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Minor in Humanities and Diversity

"What I love most about this job is it allows me to work while being in college and that is a huge opportunity. I love interacting with our clients and being able to make the process as smooth as possible for them. I love how this job allows me to help empower women in my community.  As a Latina Woman I feel we are usually a background thought never catered to. catered to." 


Head of Client Relations / Memory Catcher


“I received this Mamabird Interview as a gift from my husband for my girls. Initially, I thought “what is this? I don’t have a unique story to share.” The more I learned about it and the more I thought about it, I started to consider the importance of preserving memories, stories, or even sharing wisdom with your loved ones. 

Astrid was my Memory Catcher and it was her first time! She gently guided me though the process and allied my anxiety. There were moments of vulnerability and tears as I stepped back in time and share the sad and the happy memories which shape who I am and drive me as a daughter, sister, wife and mother. Even writing this review, I feel profound gratefulness and joy. I can’t wait to see the video! Thank you to my amazing husband for his thoughtfulness and to Mamabird for creating these opportunities with a far reaching purpose.”     

Nayda McKain

Dan and Alfre.jpg


I believe in a future where young people from marginalized communities have all doors opened for them, and have the skills and power to step through whatever doors they choose.

I have learned so much in the past 10 years teaching in Montbello, and know our world will be better if the young people I have had the honor to teachgain power in our society.

I also believe that life is so precious and tomorrow is not promised. You need to be documenting your loved ones today so that you will have their wisdom, mannerisms, cadence and joy documented forever. I think Zoom is the perfect medium for this work. Our work is a true Win/Win/Win.

When you support Mamabird, you are supporting an amazing and growing group of young women. I have personally put more than $12,000 of our own money into the pockets of our amazing women, and I ask that you do something that is good for them, and good for you. Please purchase a Guided Conversation. This small investment will be priceless to your family one day. How many things can you say that about? 

My permanent residence is in Central Park (Denver), However our family  (Wonderful & Supportive wife and two healthy children (8 and 6) are spending a family gap year in my wife's native country of Poland. I continue to run Mamabird from here. 



$73,400 has been paid to our women and interns


Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 7.28.38 PM.png

Mamabird is so thankful for the generosity from The Center for Trauma & Resilience . CTR has offered free Therapy Sessions and group therapy for our Mamabird community. We believe mental health is one of, if not the most important things in the pathway to our young people's success.


Mamabird Grant Call.jpg

Mamabird has received a $15,000 Grant from The Denver Foundation. and $10,000 from the City of Denver's Human Together Grant Fund. This money went directly to the pockets of 15 members of our community. With Mamabird Mentors our community was paid to interview established women to learn from their success and get guidance and mentorship on the future.


Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 3.46.22 PM.png

Over the course of the summer months we paid 10 speakers to come speak to our community on a variety of subjects ranging from Mental Health, to Entrepreneurship. We have found our community members are able to retain so much more after graduating high school due to their lived life experiences. We called these classes Mamabird Gradschool.

Lorena being interviewed_edited.jpg


All our hesitations about doing this were laid to rest within the first few minutes.

Janine is a skilled conversationalist. 

When we shifted our focus to doing this for our grandchildren, it was easy. We both lost our parents at fairly young ages. At the start of the interview, we recalled that  “we wished we could have asked our parents these questions.” Wow.

The rest was just fun. Thanks Mamabird


Good morning. I hope this email finds you well. 
Mamabird did such a beautiful job capturing the memories of my mom for her 80th. I would like to schedule an Interview for my Dad for his 80th. I love this organization!


This was a wonderful experience and Janine made it seem simple. We knew the areas covered in the questions but not the specific questions. We liked the spontaneity that this allowed. We will treasure this video and the memories it perpetuated. Very worthwhile.

What a wonderful experience! Areyana sent me the questions and I was able to make a few changes. She conducted the Interview on Zoom with ease. I was a bit nervous at first. One hour later I had shared my life with Areyana like she was an old friend. I want to thank my daughter for such a unique and meaningful gift. I recommend it totally.




We would love to connect, and brag about our important and impactful work

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